An Evening of Entertainment

produced by Charlotte Broughton


LRP Youth Theatre in
Hopeless Hamlet
by Wade Bradford

Coach Abigail Wright
Hamlet Marcus Holland
Ophelia Melissa Horton or Esther Freeman
Horatio Amy Freeman
Britney 1 Annette Holland
Britney 2 Holly McHugh
Mom Clare Richardson
Steve Hannah Richards
Ghost Tom Murray


The Entertainer
by Scott Joplin
played by Mike Boltz


Turkish Bath
by Victoria Wood
with Gloria Poole and Jan Allen


Rose Among the Heather
by Franz Schubert
Opus 23 No 2 sung by Melissa Horton


Yours, Always
by Jan Allen

Sung by: Phil Cotterill, Chris Driffill, Helga Holland, Annette Holland, Marcus Holland, Sue Pendrick Jan Allen and Gloria Poole.  Accompanied by Mike Boltz


Act I Scene I From
Richard III
by William Shakespeare
spoken by David Lintin


by Jenny Joseph
recited by Rosie Beale


Toya's Story
written and performed by Clare Richardson


The Moonlight Sonata
1st movement (Adagio Sostenuto)
by Ludwig van Beethoven
played by Mike Boltz


Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded
A Victorian Melodrama by Winifred Phelps

Lady Lucre Gloria Poole
Arabella, her daughter Jodie Smart
Clarence Whiteheart Peter Langston
Sir Jasper Breakneck Phil Nix
Fanny Catherine Hughes
Introduced by the Chairman: John Anthony
Pianoforte Mike Boltz
Director Beverley Anthony
Assistant Director Melissa Horton



Stage Manager Nick Mugford, David Mugford
Costumes Members and the Cast
Lighting and Sound Patrick Markham and Charles (Ginge) Barker