Humpty Dumpty:
The Eggs Files

by Tony Nicholls
directed by Lisa Langston





Pangea, Queen of Equilibria Emily Chester
Knott, her son Catherine Hughes
Watt, her other son Victoria Bankes Price
Daft Ada, the Queen's evil genius Annette Holland
Guards: one and two Amy Smith, Hannah Dobson
Prince Jaywalker, rebel leader and very good guy Peter Langston
Chewcraker, his hairy companion Craig Cooper
Glenda, rebel with a cause Holly McHugh
Espion Sam Reilly
Captain Han Sandwich (voice) Robert Dennis
Lieutenant Lawnmower, space hero (voice) Phil Nix
Delilah Scaraway, the old woman in the show David Lintin
Adele, one of her adopted children Melissa Horton
Gertie, a chicken Amy Freeman
Humpty Dumpty, a droid egg Beverley Anthony
The Knave of Hearts, a greedy landlord John Anthony
Hugo, his son Marcus Holland
Constable Dull, a policeman Abigail Wright
Constable Painting Jodie Smart
Dawn, a lady who lives in a wheely bin Sam Reilly
Citizens and Children of Planet Pantomime Craig Cooper, Esther Freeman, Ellie Herbert, Hannah Dobson, Ashley Meredith, Harry Hughes, Amy Smith
Monsters Sam Reilly, Ashley Meredith, Craig Cooper, Hannah Dobson, Esther Freeman, Harry Hughes, Amy Smith
Pizza The Hut Jodie Smart
Tagliatelli Esther Freeman
Crones Abigail Wright, Jodie Smart, Sam Reilly
Space Crew Ellie Herbert, Hannah Dobson, Esther Freeman, Amy Smith, Harry Hughes
UV Performers John Anthony, Marcus Holland, Amy Smith, Beverley Anthony



Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Nick's Crew James Freeman & Robert Dennis
Lighting Designer, operator  & special effects Patrick Markham
Sound Effects Phil Nix, Robert Dennis
Pianist Jan Allen
Props Helga Holland
Set Design & construction David Lintin & David Broughton
Set design & painting David Broughton
Set painter's labourer Lisa Langston, Dennis Simmons
Front of House Helen Horton
Costumes Jan Allen
Choreographer Abigail Wright
Publicity Charlotte Broughton
Box Office Jan Allen