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Emily-Kate Chester

Emily, a graduate of the University of York, is now an English teacher in Lincoln.  She joined LRP to join the Farndale ladies in The Mikado.

Emily is allergic to fruit and nuts.


LRP Productions
Humpty Dumpty: The Eggs Files Pangea, Queen of Equilibria Jan/Feb 2008
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens' Guild Operatic Society's Production of 'The Mikado' Felicity (playing Katisha) May 2007

Emily as Katisha in the Farndale Mikado        Katisha (Emily Chester) and Ko-Ko (Jodie Smart)

Other Companies

Endgame by Samuel Beckett   York University DramaSoc, Spring 2005
Beauty and the Breasts Witch York University Pantsoc, Nov 2004
Sleeping Beauty Wicked Witch York University Pantsoc, Jan 2004

Emily Chester [May 2007]