The Music Show

produced by Malcolm G Bates & Sheila C Buckthorp



Ginger Barker ~ Malcolm G Bates ~ Keith Rylands-Bolton ~ Nelly Brillouet ~ Sheila Buckthorp ~ Honor Byford ~ Peter Carter ~ Lynn Chapman ~ Marilyn Dray ~ John Fairclough ~ Bentley Hughes ~ Keath Houghton ~ Chris Howard ~ David Lewis ~ Liz McLeish ~ Joyce Simmonds ~ Deanne Speed ~ Julie Taylor ~ Neil Taylor



A Collier's Tuesday Tea

by Michael Green



Ida Hepplethwaite Joyce Simmonds
Daniel Obadiah Hepplethwaite Keith Rylands-Bolton
Victoria Hepplethwaite Julie Taylor
Albert Hepplethwaite Bentley Hughes
Joe Clegghorn Phillip Simmonds
Margery Hackforth Lynn Chapman
Lionel Headbracket Neil Taylor
PC Clemont Boothroyd Ginger Barker
Jed Throttle Keath Houghton



Stage Manager Ray Longmore
Lighting and Sound Dave Dray, Russell Higson and Bentley Hughes
Musical Director Lisa-Marie Gabriel