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Phil Simmonds
Phil left Market Rasen in 1980 for an eight year spell teaching in Athens.  Continuing with his interest in theatre, he was Chairman, Director and Actor with the Athens Players.

Returning to the UK, Phil spent two years at Nottingham University (where he also acted in The Crucible).  Continuing with his education, Phil spent 1989-92 in London studying for an MA.

Bored with English weather, Phil spent the next three years as the Head of Art at the Kamuzu Academy in Malawi.  Between fighting three bouts of Malaria, Phil directed an all-African cast in The Tempest.  

Since 1992 Phil has been the Head of Art in a girls' school in Bishop Stortford in Cambridgeshire.  He re-married and his daughter, Clea, was born in 1996.  Being a father leaves no time for theatre these days.  Phil says that his dislike for this country's weather may well drive him, his Greek wife and Clea back to Greece! 

Phil would welcome anyone who wishes to reminisce.  Drop him an email if you remember him from any of the shows listed below.


LRP Productions
The Sport of My Mad Mother Steve March 1980
A Collier's Tuesday Tea Joe Clegghorn December 1979
The Balcony Director October 1978
Threepenny Opera Matt March/April 1978
Victorian Melodrama and Olde Tyme Music Hall A Dramatic Monologue Nov/Dec 1977
A Resounding Tinkle / Still Life Vicar / Stanley Sept/Oct 1977
Uncle Vanya Stage Management / A Labourer March 1977
The Business of Good Government Joseph December 1976