Mother Goose

by Jan Allen
directed by Abigail Wright



Dame Fanny Fortune Abigail Wright
Donald Fortune her son Samantha Talbot
Jack Marcus Holland
Baron Holdfast Tom Murray
Hetty his daughter Jodie Smart
Priscilla the goose Catherine Hughes
Penelope the goose Clare Richardson
Prudence the goose Chloe Harrison
Smurf Amy Freeman
Turf Holly McHugh
Coppit Malone Phil Cotterill
Esmeralda the Cow Daniel Hack and Jessica Bowyer
Goose Sellers Peter Pearce and Harry Hughes
Farm Girl Hannah Gaskell
Sir Rumble Tum Jessica Bowyer
Lord Holstein Daniel Hack
Mississippi Mac Hannah Gaskell



Director Abigail Wright
Producer Jan Allen
Choreographer Nathan Rounce
Set Construction Nick Willey and Richard Bacon
Set Painting Jan Allen, Chris Driffill and David Broughton
Lighting Patrick Markham
Sound Esther Freeman and Amy Smith
Props Helga Reeve
Costumes Jan Allen and Beryl Baker