The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde
directed by Gail Dennis


The play opens with Algernon playing the piano not "accurately" but with "wonderful expression".  Oscar Wilde immediately begins to turn language on its head and to challenge us, his words poking fun at the society of his day.  What amazes me is the relevance of his comments 110 years after he wrote them.  I do hope you enjoy our interpretation of this play.  There are many layers to it and so many ways to play them that I am sure it will continue to be performed for years to come.  Enjoy the performance as a play and as an example of a master playing with our language, a very Earnest and Earnest. (From the programme notes by Gail Dennis)



Lane - Algernon's manservant Colin Brimblecombe
Algernon Moncrieff (Algy) Jason Hippisley
John  Worthing, J.P. (Jack) Jez Ashberry
Lady Bracknell (Aunt Augusta) Chris Hughes
Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax Elaine Dower
Cecily Cardew Juliette Sexton
Miss Prism, governess Ruth Andrews
Rev. Canon Chasuble D.D. Tim Bradford
Merriman, butler Martin Noble



Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Lighting Design and Technical Patrick Markham
Sound Operator Patrick Markham
Prompt Helen Brimblecombe
Set Design and Painting Roy Simpson
Set Construction David Lintin
Poster Design Roy Simpson
Costumes Ruth Andrews and The Lace Market Theatre, Nottingham
Props Helen Burke and Bernie Wiltowski