Christmas Games
and Aeroplanes

by Jan Allen
directed by Abigail Wright


It was 1940 when Londoners went 'down the tubes'!  Rebelling against the inadequacies of the public air raid shelters, the public took to the Underground.  Ignoring an official ban, they bought tickets for one and a half 'old' pennies, descended to the platforms - and stayed there 'til morning.  When the platforms were full, an overspill of uneasy sleepers littered the escalators.  Eventually came the official recognition and with it a few positive benefits such as bunks and bucket lavatories.  Sleep was a hard won luxury; the long nights were passed in many ways - games, gossip, and for many night dwellers, entertainment by ENSA concert groups.

So... Let The People Sing!  Men and women sang in sad times and happy ones; in days of peace... and days of war.  Civilians kept up their spirits with a song through air raid after devastating air raid.  Soldiers sang when victory seemed uncertain and when the prize of Peace was finally within grasp.  Songs were sung at sea and in Service canteens, on airfields and on farms.  And in factories, bombs and shells were made to the sound of the now familiar choruses.



Mrs Jones Helga Holland
Ernie (her son) Amy Freeman
Bert (a Porter) Dennis Wooddin
Ethel Marion Hayward
Hilda Gloria Poole
Reverend Cyril Thruxton Dave Lintin
Mrs Mary Thruxton Charlotte Broughton
Mrs Symmington Helen Horton
Mrs Chambers Abigail Wright
Lt. Cardew Marcus Holland
Group Captain Calthorpe-Dayne Simon Fairbank
Bunty Calthorpe-Dayne (his wife) Catherine Hughes
Veronica (their daughter) Esther Freeman
Brigadier Calthorpe-Dayne Dennis Simmons
Pamela Calthorpe-Dayne Jodie Smart
Robert McKenzie Richard Shaw-Wallbank
Major 'Buzz' Bailey, USAF Simon Fairbank
Captain Mainbearing Dennis Wooddin
Supporting cast Annette Holland, Melissa Horton, Donna Moody, Sue Pendrick, Clare Richardson and Brian Oldfield.

Musical Director:  Jan Allen


Piano Mike Boltz
Percussion John Ritchie
Bass Matthew Jackson



Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Lighting Peter Langston
Sound James Freeman
Set construction Dave Lintin
Set painting and decorating David Broughton and Dennis Simmons
Stage furniture and props Helen Horton