The Balcony

by Jean Genet
produced by Phil Simmonds



The Bishop Graham Wallace
The General Stanley Knafler
The Judge Phil Brown
The Chief of Police Martin Sadler
Irma (the Queen) Sheila Buckthorp
Roger Neil Taylor
Chantal Joy Walker
The Executioner (Arthur) Ginger Barker / Roger Newby
The Envoy Keith Jones
The Photographer Julie Taylor
The Woman Liz McLeish
The Thief Julie Taylor
The Girl Liz McLeish
Carmen Joyce Simmonds
The Beggar / Slave / Man Bentley Hughes



Sound John Porada
Lighting Ron Colbourne
Stage Management Keith Bolton
Sets and Costumes by The Company
Set Design Gary Ashton
Prompt Jane Rylands



Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts
David Dray & Chic Ross