The Merry Wives of Windsor

by William Shakespeare
directed by Keith Rylands-Bolton


The play is set in Windsor during a public holiday to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in June 1887.
The Interval, however, brings us right up to date with this year's Golden Jubilee celebrations - June 2002.

 Jenny, Lois and Richard Tim, Chris, Jenny and Richard Garrath and Lois Lois and Garrath


George Page, a citizen of Windsor Mr Richard Scuffham
Mistress Page, his wife Mrs Jennifer Peachey
Anne Page, their daughter Miss Lois Henry
Frank Ford, another citizen of Windsor Mr Timothy Bradford
Mistress Ford, his wife Mrs Christine Hughes
John, Ford's servant Mr Peter Langston
Robert, Ford's servant Mr Benjamin Blyth
Sir Hugh Evans, a Welsh person Mrs Pamela Reaney
Doctor Caius, a French physician and suitor for the hand of Anne Page Mr Tom Howard
Mistress Quickly, Doctor Caius's Housekeeper Miss Catharine Ecob
John Rugby, Doctor Caius's servant Mr Jason Young
The Host of the Garter Inn Mr Byron Scott
Fenton, a young gentleman and suitor for the hand of Anne Page Mr Garrath Green
Sir John Falstaff Mr Ian Uprichard
Robin, Falstaff's page Miss Louise Cutler
Bardolph, Falstaff's follower Mr Bill Peachey
Pistol, Falstaff's follower Miss Cheryl Dixon
Nym, Falstaff's follower Mrs Charlotte Broughton
Justice Robert Shallow, a country justice of the peace Mr Malcolm Worth
Abraham Slender, Shallow's nephew and suitor for the hand of Anne Page Beverley Anthony
Peter Simple, Slender's servant Mr Benjamin Blyth
Sprites and Fairies Johanna Rowe, Siobhan Hustler, Shani Bryan, Verity Smith, Phoebe Nicholls, Scott Bygrave, Lucy Boryszczuk and Edward Readman

Richard and Jenny Chris Hughes Charlotte, Cheryl and Bill Ben and Catharine Ben and Cathy Jenny Peachey Ben, Tom and Catharine Lois with her interval routine


Design and Direction Mr Keith Rylands-Bolton
Atmospheric Lighting and Sound Mr Patrick Markham
Sound Operator Rachel Hogg
Set Construction and Decoration Mrs Tina Speck, Mr David Broughton and Mr Nicholas Mugford
Stage Manager Mrs Pauline Uprichard and Mr Nicholas Mugford

  Garrath and Catharine Garrath and Catharine Jenny and ChrisCatharine and Ian Catharine and Ian Ian and Tim


Mrs Marilyn Read of Vera Truelove Wardrobe, Boston
Mr Jem Barker of Lincoln Christ's Hospital School Dance and Drama Dept.
Mr Walter Bolton, Miss Rosie Beal and Mr Sam Nutting

  Keith Rybo and Ian Jenny, Ian and Chris Ian Uprichard Ian and Bill Ian and Tim Bill and Byron

with thanks to Richard Scuffham for all the photographs