The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens' Guild Operatic Society's Production of 'The Mikado'

by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr
directed by  Abigail Wright


The Farndale Ladies have ambitions!  Bolstered by the success of 'Macbeth' they feel that Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado is waiting just for them.  So, despite the numerous problems with casting, scenery and costumes, Mrs Reece presses onward.  But as first night approaches... another problem; the laying low of several of the chorus after a surfeit of potted shrimps!  But Mrs Wostenholme (herself bedridden) volunteers her three grand-daughters.  Relief!  Then on opening night disaster strikes again!  Can the Rev. Reg save the day?  Can the show go on?  Of course it can!  So, ladies and gentlemen, for you tonight, the FAHETGOS (who admit they can't sing, they can't dance and they can't act) present their version of The Mikado.



Flora (playing The Mikado) Lisa Langston
Angela (playing Nanki-Poo) Abigail Wright
Ronnie (playing Ko-Ko) Jodie Smart
Mrs Reece (playing Pooh-Bah) Gloria Poole
Thelma (playing Yum-Yum) Charlotte Broughton
Reverend Bishop (playing Pitti-Sing) Richard Hubbert
Dawn (playing Peep-Bo) Helen Horton
Felicity (playing Katisha) Emily Chester
The Producer Peter Langston


Pat Vicky Bankes-Price
Kitty Annette Holland
Hermione Caroline Boltz
Shirley Catherine Hughes
Ann Lisa Langston
Liz Samantha Reilly
Beryl Helga Holland
Sheila Melissa Horton
Dorreen Amy Freeman
Janice Esther Freeman
Gwynneth Jan Allen
The Caretaker Mike Boltz

Musical Director:  Jan Allen


Piano Mike Boltz
Producer Robert Dennis
Stage Manager Nick Mugford
ASM Marcus Holland
Set David Broughton, Peter Langston, Dave Lintin and Youth Theatre Members
Lighting (playing Joyce) Patrick Markham
Costume Jan Allen

Katisha (Emily Chester) and Ko-Ko (Jodie Smart) Three Little Maids and Chorus Nanki-Poo and Chorus Katisha (Emily Chester), Nanki-Poo (Abigail Wright) and Yum-Yum (Charlotte Broughton) Katisha (Emily Chester)
 Pooh-Bah (Gloria Poole) and Ko-Ko (Jodie Smart) Pooh-Bah (Gloria Poole) and The Mikado (Lisa Langston) Nanki-Poo (Abigail Wright) Three Little Maids from School


Nanki-Poo's guitar supplied by Music Makers,
Broadgate Lincoln. tel 01522 871921
They also sell playable instruments!


Thanks to Peter Langston and Nick Mugford for the photos