Three Pongo Plays

by Henry Livings
Direction & Stage Management by Lynn Chapman and Jane Rylands-Bolton



Master John Thompson
Sam Pongo Graham Davidson
Lorris Julie Taylor
Musician Steve Channing
Neighbour Wendy Wolski
Sam Pongo Neil Taylor
Lorris Joy Walker
Musician Steve Channing
"The Boggart"
Boggart Keith Rylands-Bolton
Sam Pongo Bentley Hughes
Wad Lorris Viv Channing
Musician Steve Channing



Props and Costumes Marion Plenderleith
Lighting Bentley Hughes and Chas Barker




The Twelve Pound Look

by JM Barrie
directed by
Douglas Ballard


This amusing play was first performed at The Duke of York's Theatre, London on March 1st 1910 with Mr Edmund Gwenn playing Sir Harry.



Sir Harry Sims Keith Jones
Lady Sims Liz McLeish
Kate Marilyn Dray
Tombes (a Butler) Chas Barker



Props and Costumes Marion Plenderleith
Lighting and Stage Management Dave Dray and Chas Barker
Box Office Jane Nutting



We are grateful to The Theatre Royal and Great Eastern Stage for costumes and to all those who have helped along the way