Broadbent Youth Theatre presents...

"Pupils" and "The Fourth Year Are Animals"


A bit about us...

Broadbent Youth Theatre started when a group of intellectual young people got together to exercise their talent on peices of drama. For this production, the senior group has chosen a play by Richard Tulloch called "The Fourth Year Are Animals", where as the junior group has opted for a series of improvisations called "An Introduction to School" Both the seniors and the juniors study at De Aston School, Market Rasen.


Pupils Cast

Gareth : Helen : Russel : Lisa : James : Elaine : Charles : Charlotte : Neil


The Fourth Year Are Animals Cast

Alan Howman Simon Green
Kelly Georgina Milner
Sylvia Harrison & Theresa Katy Smith
Les Willis & Bill Luke Downend
Marie Forbes & Tracy ZoŽ Crick
Arther Adam Cook
'Woman with the Whip' or 'The Producer' Mrs J Upton