The Parker Plan

by Gwyn Arch and James Owen
lyrics by Fred Tysh
produced by Phyl Walshaw


This musical play was written primarily for production by school dramatic societies.  It was chosen by Lindsey Rural Players as being suitable for performances by the younger members of the company, supported by a few of the more experience adult actors.

The story is based on the efforts of a group of village children and youths, to transform an Old Forge into a useful village hall by a great deal of determination and no little ingenuity.  It is the success story of Peter Parker, the school failure who made a name for himself.



Ruth Parker Ruth Kitching
Peter Parker Richard Spalding
Mr Parker John Harris
Mrs Parker Freda Horton
Mary Brown

Jennifer Greitschus

Tom Malcolm G Bates
Dick Harry Hartley
Harry Dale Robinson
Horace David Holehouse
Willie Tim Thornally
Stevie Thompson Jonathan Kitching
Man from the Ministry Douglas Ballard
Carruthers, his assistant Sara Paton & Olive Boles
Boys and Girls, Villages etc Jane Makin, Annisa Bierlein, Carol Hill, Gwenda Booth, Jill Jones, Elaine Picksley, Noelle Ranby, Helen Harvey, Donald Westman, Ian Jones, Willie Johnson, Clive Fieldsend, David Robinson and Isobel Sutherland


Musical Director: Nancy Jones

Orchestra: Nancy Jones, Betty Proctor & Keith Rogers



House Managers J & M Kitching
Stage Lighting Ron Westman
Set Design and Construction Malcolm G Bates
Wardrobe Jane Makin
Stage Managers Douglas Clark, Ruth Greitschus, Mrya Bierlein, Madge Smith and Joyce Westman
Refreshments Rhoda Halford, Madge Johnson and Margaret Stanney



Mr G Mostyn Lewis

LCC Education Dept