Hobson's Choice

by Harold Brighouse
directed by Keith Jones



Alice Hobson Lynn Chapman
Maggie Hobson Joy Walker
Vicky Hobson Julie Taylor
Albert Prosser Keith Rylands-Bolton
Henry Horatio Hobson Steve Channing
Mrs Hepworth Liz McLeish
Timothy Wadlow Bentley Hughes
William Mossop Chas Barker
Jim Heeler Neil Taylor
Ada Figgins Viv Channing
Fred Beanstock Graham Davidson
Dr MacFarlane John Thompson



Stage Manager Marion Plenderleith
Business Manager Jane Nutting
Set Designed and Painted by Dave Taylor
Set built by Douglas Ballard and Ivor Ketteringham
Lights Bentley Hughes
Costumes Theatre Royal, Dee Broadbent and The Cast
Properties Chris Anderson, John Fairclough and Peter Carter