Snow White

by Jan Allen
directed by Abigail Wright


Once upon a time at the Broadbent Theatre, Snow White and her seven little men came to town...

Lindsey Rural Players annual pantomime extravaganza is here once again with plenty of fun and frolics for the whole family; this is a treat not to be missed.

Will Snow White overcome her wicked stepmother with the usual manic mayhem and find true love with Prince Geraint and his cracking set of legs?  With the help of the besotted dim wits, Pixx and Mixx and the Palace Cook, Dame Victoria Sandwich, there is certain to be plenty of chaos, slapstick and 'egg-in-the-face' much to the delight of Private Partz and Private Parkin (the worst, the most evil palace guards in the history of Pantoland ever!)



Snow White Victoria Bankes-Price
Queen Eglantine Catherine Hughes
King Louis of Linztorte Richard Shaw-Wallbank
Dame Victoria Sandwich Abigail Wright
Pixx Robert Dennis
Mixx Marcus Holland
Private Partz Tom Murray
Private Parkin Amy Freeman
Prince Geraint of Gugelhopf Annette Holland
Kandoo Melissa Horton
Witizing Amelia Smith
Footman Chris Driffill
Sign Post Esther Freeman
Bobby Hannah 'Muppet' Richards
Benny Jessica Ritchie
Barry Joe Hughes
Billy Matthew Murray
Biddy Laura Richardson
Biffy Grace Clayton
Bob Harry Hughes



Producer Jan Allen
Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Lighting Design and Operation Patrick Markham
Sound Operation Barry Markham
Props Helga Holland
Costumes Janet Allen
Set Construction Nick Mugford, David Mugford
Set Painting Helga Holland, Heidie Milne, Marcus Holland & Chris Driffill