Outside Edge

Outside Edge

by Richard Harris
directed by Gail Dennis
a joint production with the Phoenix Players


Cricket--the sport of gentlemen--takes on new dimensions in this cheeky British comedy about the foibles and follies of married life. Kevin and Maggie Costello live for the moment, constantly expressing their affection for each other in outrageous ways. Roger and Mim Dervish, on the other hand, lead a quiet life, reserving their passions for the seemingly more subdued activities of cricket and tea cakes. But when the Costellos and Dervishes meet at a cricket match, the collision of opposing personalities serves as a prelude to a series of hilarious, unpredictable adventures.



Roger Bob Shirley (Phoenix Players)
Miriam Chris Hughes (LRP)
Bob Graham Taylor (Phoenix Players)
Kevin Robert Dennis (LRP)
Maggie Mekala Mahalingham (Phoenix Players)
Ginnie Mary Yates (Phoenix Players)
Dennis Ian Rushby (LRP)
Alex Phil Nix (LRP)
Sharron Liz Doughty (LRP)

The Outside Edge Cast


Lighting Designer David Potter
Lighting Technician Malcolm Worth
Sound Recording David Potter
Sound Technician Malcolm Worth
Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Set Construction Malcolm Worth
Set Decoration Tina Speck
House Manager Pauline Cave



Special thanks to Hainton Cricket Club and Middle Rasen Cricket Club for the loan of equipment.