The Inaccurate Conception II

by Richard Ahsam & Geoff Saunders
produced and directed by Lisa Langston


Due to the success of this show's 2003 run at the Broadbent Theatre, it was resurrected in 2004 with just one part recast and entered into The Skegness Drama Festival at the Embassy Centre.  Prior to the festival evening the two shows were performed at the Broadbent Theatre and a further two at Scothern Village Hall.

The show won two awards at the Skegness Drama Festival and shared a third:

  • The Award for Best Lighting and Effects (The Claude Sharman Memorial Plate)
  • The Adjudicator's Special Award for Acting (The Eileen Pett Memorial Trophy) was won by Tim Bradford for his role as Shane.
  • Jointly with the Bourne Players: The Adjudicator's Special Award for Backstage (The William Butlin Cup)

Additionally we were  nominated for the Most Innovative Production (The Les Alison Plate) which went to the Horncastle Theatre Company for Neville's Island.



The Staff

Celia Whibley, class teacher Catharine Ecob
Octavia Dutton-Griggs, deluded head teacher Charlotte Broughton
Miss Belcher, not a nice teacher Teana Hutchinson
Miss Cusp, even worse teacher Chris Hughes
Mr Miller, grumpy teacher John Anthony
Kurt Elginbrod, hippie teacher Ashley Hambrook

The Children

Jessica Beverley Anthony
Shane Tim Bradford
Dougal Richard Scuffham
Spencer John Anthony
Michelle Charlotte Broughton
Justine Ann Jackson
Melanie Gloria  Poole
Siobhan Chris Hughes
Craig Ashley Hambrook
Narrator and Head Girl Teana Hutchinson

The Parents

Bob, Shane's Dad Richard Scuffham
Dougal's Mum Ann Jackson
Melindra, Jessica's Mum Teana Hutchinson
Spenser's Dad Tim Bradford
Spenser's Mum Gloria  Poole
Ethereal Heavenly Voice Catharine Ecob / Damien Hutchinson (Skegness)



Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Lighting Technical and Design Patrick Markham
Sound Technical Jayne McLean, Catharine Ecob & Ashley Hambrook
Costumes Helen Burke and the Cast
Properties Malcolm Worth, Patrick Markham and  the Cast
Set Design and Painting Ashley Hambrook, David Broughton, Roy Simpson and Lisa Langston
Set Construction David Broughton and Malcolm Worth
Choreographer Caroline Anthony
Poster Design Ashley Hambrook
Continuity Bernie Wiltowski



Mrs Carol Ardron, the head teacher and the children of Market Rasen Church of England Primary School for the use of "Holly the Hedgehog"

The Children and staff of St Peter in Eastgate Church of England Infant School for their artwork and inspiration and for educating Ellie.

Bernie Wiltowski for volunteering for the job of prompt!

Dave Meen for the excellent cast photos.