by Alan Ayckbourn

directed by Maurice Raphael


Mother Figure

Lucy Rosie Beale
Rosemary Elaine Dower
Terry Marcus Holland


Drinking Companion

Harry Martin Noble
Paula Becky Fawcett
Bernice Diane Woods
Waiter Chris Matthews


Between Mouthfuls

Waiter Robert Dennis
Pearce Tim Bradford
Mrs Pearce Chris Hughes
Martin Martin Noble
Polly Diane Woods


Gosforth's Fete

Mrs Pearce Chris Hughes
Milly Elaine Dower
Gosforth David Lintin
Vicar Chris Matthews
Stewart Robert Dennis


A Talk in the Park

Arthur Robert Dennis
Beryl Becky Fawcett
Charles Tim Bradford
Doreen Gail Dennis
Ernest Marcus Holland



Producer Gail Dennis
Stage Hands Gail Dennis and Rosie Beale
Set Designer, Builder, Painter David Lintin
Lighting Design and Operation, Sound Operator Patrick Markham
Props and Wardrobe Gail Dennis
Continuity Rosie Beale and Gail Dennis