Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood

Written by Graham Davidson
Original Lyrics by Mary Davidson

Directed by Richard Scuffham & Lisa Langston



Luke, a babe Tom Howard
Lucy, another babe Juliette Sexton
Stepmother Richard Scuffham
Father Byron Scott
Evan Gloria Poole
Lofty Christina Le Boutillier
Shorty Jayne McLean
Spirit of the Wood Samanth Talbot
Madge the Witch Lisa Langston
Inspector Spectre Ashley Hambrook
Sergeant Copter Ann Jackson
Goblin King Peter Langston
Daisy the Cow Pam Reaney and Bernie Wiltowski
Fairies, Elves, Goblins Rachel Hogg, Alison Clubley, Louise Cutler, Christine Hughes, William Blyth, Edward Readman, Harry Rhodes, Phoebe Nicholls, Lucy Baxendale, Natalie Taylor, Edward Blyth

  Pianist & Musical Director: John Goodchild
Guitarist: Christopher Hughes


Continuity Alison Clubley and Christopher Hughes
Singing Coach Pam Reaney
Choreography Rachel Hogg
Stage Manager Gail Dennis
Assist. Stage Managers Rachel Hogg & Ian Rushby
Lighting Design / Technician David Potter
Sound Technician David Potter
Costumes Helen Burke, and the Cast
Properties Gail Dennis, and the Cast
Oven, Design and Construction Malcolm Worth
Tree, Design and Construction Ashley Hambrook
Set Design Richard Scuffham
Set Construction Alan Cutler
Set Painting Tina Speck and Ashley Hambrook
Green Room Manager Pam Reaney
Front of House Trevor Minett, Pauline Cave
Poster and Programme Cover Tina Speck
Programme David Broughton
Box Office and Advertising Charlotte Broughton