Rookery Nook

by Ben Travers
directed by Marilyn Dray

ROOKERY NOOK was first performed at the Aldwych Theatre, London on June 30th, 1926 and starred J Robertson Hare as Harold Twine, Tom Walls as Clive Popkiss, Ralph Lynn as Gerald Popkiss and Winifred Shotter as Rhoda Marley.

The action of the play takes place in the lounge-hall of "Rookery Nook", Chumpton-on-Sea, Somerset. It begins on a night in Summer.

This production by the Lindsey Rural Players has tried to retain the atmosphere of the original play as far as possible and our thanks must go to Dave Dray and the construction team for overcoming the technical problems of a complex set design on such a small stage. We are hoping to raise enough money over the next few months to enable us to extend the stage and provide dressing and rehearsal rooms for the company. [MD May 1979]



Gertrude Twine Sheila C Buckthorp
Mrs Leverett Joy Walker
Harold Twine Phil Brown
Clive Popkiss Bentley Hughes
Gerald Popkiss Keith Jones
Rhoda Marley Joyce Simmonds
Putz Neil Taylor
Admiral Juddy Stan Knafler
Poppy Dickey Liz McLeish
Clara Popkiss Julie Taylor



Set Design Dave Dray
Set Construction Dave Dray and Ginge Barker
Mural Painting Gary Ashton
Lighting Design Ron Colbourne
Lighting / Sound Operation Dave Dray
Stage Management Ginge Barker
House Management Janet Burgess, Ann Walshaw, Pauline Sadler and Nelly Brillouet
Costumes Dee Broadbent, Oxfam and the Cast
Publicity Marilyn Dray



Lindsey Rural Players gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts