Mixed Doubles

an Entertainment on Marriage
directed by Tony Raby



"A Man's Best Friend"
Bride Sandra Dyas
Groom Chris Foot
Norma Mary Maddison
Man Kevin Williams
Man Tony Raby
Woman Tina Sharpington
Helen Ann Harris
Peter Phil Brown
Husband Tim Thornally
Wife Rita Robinson
"Silver Wedding"
Audrey Vali Firman
Julian Hugh Rudge
"Resting Place"
Man Douglas Ballard
Woman Phyl Walshaw

Readings by Trixie Owen, Eileen Kimber, Brenda Manners and Mary Gibson
Songs by Bob Hewis and Mo Robinson


Stage Manager Kate Walshaw
Sound Chic Ross
Lighting Ron Westman
Box Office Lorna MacDonald
Front of House Vicki Makin, Helen Harvey and Gwenda Booth
Publicity Tim Thornally
Set and Costumes The Cast
Organ Music played by Don Jones



The Lindsey Rural Players are grateful for financial help from The Lincolnshire and South Humberside Arts and thank Roger Day for assisting with lighting