Lindsey Rural Players
The Broadbent Theatre, Wickenby


The Nissen HutLindsey Rural Players originated with the Holton Players, a group founded during the World War II years at Holton-cum-Beckering by a small community of conscientious objectors. They met in the evenings for music, singing and play reading; everyone was welcomed, whether they were from Holton or not - especially the local children.

After the war the Holton Players converted an abandoned nissen hut (pictured left) into a theatre which, due to an electrical fault, sadly met a fiery end in March 1960. The Players continued to meet in the magnificent drawing room of Holton Hall (pictured below) staging their productions in the bay window and making their entrances and exits through the sliding sashes!

In 1970 the Methodist Chapel at Wickenby was purchased by the Players. The conversion work was done by members of the group, much of it with resources provided by Roy Broadbent and Douglas Ballard.  Roy Broadbent died shortly after the Theatre was opened and it was thought a fitting tribute to name it:-Holton Hall Drawing Room

The Broadbent Theatre

The Theatre is licensed for an audience of 100 people and the seats are well raked to give everyone a good view. Recently, with thanks to many generous friends, a refurbishment programme of the dressing room and the auditorium was undertaken.

The theatre is regular host to:

  • professional touring companies (in co-operation with Eastern Arts)
  • Lincoln based and highly regarded Phoenix Players
  • local childrens' groups
  • music and folk groups
  • and is the home of:-

The Lindsey Rural PlayersLRP Logo

LRP is a registered charity. Our President is Jim Broadbent, son of our founder and a national star of stage, film and TV.  Douglas Ballard was LRP's first ever President between 1992~93 when he subsequently nominated Jim Broadbent for the role.

LRP is also a member of The Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain, an organisation which supports small theatre groups and holds regular training seminars.

We rehearse throughout the year and annually stage at least four productions. There is a Youth Workshop run by the youth members themselves, supported by members of the LRP committee.

Our Constitutional Objectives

"To foster, develop, increase and maintain public interest and education in the appreciation of dramatic and co-related arts by the presentation of classical, cultural, educational and dramatic works and recitals..

To encourage and promote the creation of new dramatic works and to foster and enhance student facilities for training and gaining practical stage experience in all aspects of the production and staging of dramatic and co-related arts."

Another newspaper cutting from around the time that the nissen hut burnt down
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