Tooth (2004) 

Jim Broadbent plays Rabbit (voice)  Also featuring Harry Enfield, Stephen Fry, Richard E Grant, Jerry Hall, Vinnie Jones, Sally Phillips

"Only one fairy has the courage to bring the magic back..." Home

Plot Summery: Tooth tells the story of a young, feisty Tooth Fairy, who lives in a world called Fairytopia that has lost its ability to use magic. Fed up with the way most fairies have forgotten about magic, she decides to give away all of its money. When Tooth begins to understand how much trouble she is in, she realizes the only person who can help is the legendary Mrs. C, who disappeared, along with magic over 100 years ago. Teaming up with two human children and a number of fairies, who are living incognito amongst humans she sets off on the adventure of a lifetime. Pursued by the evil Plug, a terrifying fairy hunter and his posse, the race is on to save the world before Christmas, Easter and all the holidays are ruined forever.

Patrick's comments: This has had heaps of bad reviews, mainly for it's lack of budget.  On the other hand, those defending the film tell us that it's aimed at children and a review by an adult is missing the point. 


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