The Hit The Hit (1984) 

Jim Broadbent plays the Barrister Also starring John Hurt, Tim Roth, Laura del Sol, Terence Stamp

"Willie Parker grassed... ten years later they came for their revenge"

Plot Summery:  In London 1973, Willie Parker (Terence Stamp) betrays his fellow crooks.  In Spain 1983, Parker is violently snatched from his tranquil village retreat by hitman Braddock (John Hurt) and his sidekick (Tim Roth), who are surprised to find out they have a completely willing victim on their hands.  This new development throws Braddock completely off balance!  With the police on their tail, plans change and they pick up a seductive but unwilling hostage (Laura del Sol).  Now the police inspector is closing in on the killer going soft, the inexperienced accomplice, the desperate and sexy hostage and the would-be victim who is completely wrapped up in his dreams of death...

Patrick's comments:  One of Jim's early films and not one that you should buy just to see Jim Broadbent.  He appears early in the film, set in 1973, as the Barrister who tries Willie Parker (Terence Stamp).  The court has clearly made a deal with Parker - he confesses everything, names the names, and goes free.  In his short appearance we first hear the unmistakable voice of Broadbent but we never actually see a good close-up of him.


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