Smilla's Sense of Snow Smilla's Sense of Snow (1997) UK Rating

Jim Broadbent plays Dr Lagermann   Also starring Julia Ormond, Gabriel Byrne, Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, Claire Skinner

"Snow covers everything... Except the truth"

Plot Summery:  Smilla Qaavigaaq Jasperson is a 37 year old woman of Eskimo origin and lives in Copenhagen.  She is unmarried, unadapted and childless.  Her friend, 6 year old Isaiah, falls from a roof and is killed.  Convinced that his death was no accident, Smilla uncovers a sinister corporate conspiracy masterminded by the shadowy head of a local mining company.  Her sense of snow leads her closer to the shameful truth in a chilling world of deceit, betrayal and murder.

Patrick's comments: Beautiful Julia Ormond is the star of this gripping film.  Jim plays one of the doctors involved in the boy's autopsy in a couple of scenes during the early part of the movie.  Family man, Dr Lagermann (Broadbent) helps out by providing some vital information to set Smilla on track and then he leaves her to it.  It's a good film, it's in my collection but it shouldn't be a priority for the average Jim Broadbent fan.


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