The Secret Agent The Secret Agent (1996) 

Jim Broadbent plays Chief Inspector Heat   Also starring Bob Hoskins, Patricia Arquette, Gérard Depardieu, Robin Williams, Eddie Izzard

Plot Summery:  Set in 19th Century London,   Verloc (Hoskins) has made his living spying for the Russian government while simultaneously providing information to the London police, specifically Chief Inspector Heat (Jim Broadbent).  When the new Russian ambassador demands he prove his worth or lose his salary, Verloc sets off a tragic chain of events that involves his pretty young wife Winnie (Arquette), her retarded brother Stevie, and a figure called the Professor (Robin Williams), whose fascination with explosives and destruction makes him the person to call on when Verloc needs a bomb.

Patrick's comments: Mustached and with a shock of red hair, Broadbent delivers a solid performance as Chief Inspector Heat of the Special Crimes Branch.  The film is based on the book by Joseph Conrad.


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