Perrier's Bounty (2009) 

Jim Broadbent plays: Jim McCrea Also featuring:  Gabriel Byrne, Cillian Murphy, Jodie Whittaker

"Blood is thicker than water. Nothing is thicker than thieves." Home

Plot Summery:  A gangster named Perrier looks to exact his revenge on a trio of fugitives responsible for the accidental death of one of his cronies.

Michael is a perpetual waster. He owes money to Perrier, a local thug. When two enforcers demand payment by nightfall, Michael does a burglary with two others but won't be paid till morning. All he has to do is stay away from the thugs until he can get the money then give it to Perrier. But the lads catch Michael and start to deliver a beating, but Brenda, Michael's suicidal neighbour, shoots one. Now they must run for their lives, accompanied by Jim, Michael's estranged father who claims to be dying and has come to reconcile with his son. Will any of the trio see the sun rise? And can Michael become enlightened, become a better man?

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