Bright Young Things (2003) 

Jim Broadbent plays The Drunk Major  Also featuring Stephen Campbell-Moore, Dan Aykroyd, Simon Callow, Richard E Grant.  Directed by Stephen Fry.


Plot Summery:  Based on the book Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh.

Patrick's comments:  I'm a Stephen Fry fan and a believer that everything he touches turns to gold.  This film can be described as very Stephen Fry and is enjoyable to some extent but does leave a small feeling of disappointment.  This is largely due to that fact that none of the characters seem to get very well developed and as a result, you don't much care what happens to them.  But hey, don't take too much notice of all the bad reviews you read, go and see it and make your own mind up.  Jim Broadbent is very pleasing as the drunk Major.  Look out for Stephen Fry as the taxi driver.

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