Breaking Glass (1980) 

Jim Broadbent plays: Station Porter  Also featuring: Hazel O'Connor, Phil Daniels, Jonathan Price, Ken Campbell

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Plot Summery:  A rock singer is determined to rise to the top of the profession, letting nothing stand in the way of that goal.

Patrick's comments: This used to be a tough film to own!  It was discontinued and, reaching cult status, it changed hands for considerable sums of money.  It now seems easier to get hold of (see below).
In this most excellent movie, Jim has a small role playing the porter at the train station.  Jim's old mate Ken Campbell also appears here as the Publican ("It's not exactly Mantovani, is it?").


Trivia: Hazel O'Connor wore some of her own clothes to play her character of Kate. O'Connor also sang all her songs for the film and wrote thirteen tracks for the movie. The film was O'Connor's first major movie acting role and was her breakthrough film performance.

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