by Dan Goggin

directed by Derek Seller


The order of the Little Sisters of Hoboken was founded in the 7th Century by St Wilfred.  Many years later a small group of pioneering sisters set out for America to set up a new motherhouse in Cleveland but got off the plane in Newark by mistake.  The order was 'found' by the Newark airport police and the new motherhouse was established in Hoboken, New Jersey.  The order of St Wilfred elected to change the name to the Little Sisters of Hoboken and they have affectionately been known as the 'Little Hobos' ever since.  It was from this convent that Sister Mary Regina, Sister Mary Hubert and Sister Robert Ann set sail for the Mediterranean to establish their leper colony.  Today the order has both nuns and brothers as members and they also operate Mount St Helen's School in Hoboken.  (DS)



Sister Mary Regina, Mother Superior Jane Sanderson
Sister Mary Hubert Gloria Poole
Sister Mary Robert Ann Abigail Wright / Rachel Hogg
Sister Mary Amnesia Teana Hutchinson
Sister Mary Leo Jodie Smart

Musical Director / Keyboard: Jan Allen
Piano: Mike Boltz, Drums: Ned


Choreographer Emma Sutton
Stage Manager Nick Mugford
Set Bernie Wiltowski and Jayne McLean
Lighting Bernie Sanderson and Peter Langston
Folow Spot Des Seller
Sound Bernie Sanderson
Front of House LRP Members



LRP are grateful for the assistance given by:
The Sergeants Mess, RAF Scampton
The George Hotel, Leadenham
Sir William Robertson High School, Welbourn