by Andre Obey
Music by Colin Hughes


Notes from the Programme:

LINDSEY RURAL PLAYERS thank you for supporting "NOAH", our fifth production since the Society was formed.

We are happy to welcome you to our own theatre, named "THE BROADBENT THEATRE" in memory of Roy Broadbent, who helped to form the company, inspired the younger players with his memorable performance of 'Fagin' in our first production "Oliver!", and designed the conversion of the Methodist Chapel into a Theatre.

Now that we have a theatre for our productions and a centre for company meetings and activities, we hope to encourage more young people in the area to join us to take part in a variety of theatrical and musical entertainments for the own satisfaction and the pleasure of our audiences.



Noah Douglas Clarke
Mrs Noah Phyl Walshaw
Ham Colin Hughes
Shem Malcolm G Bates
Japheth Donald Westman
Naomi Ruth Kitching
Shella Gwenda Booth
Ada Helen Harvey
A Man Phil Brown
Animals (Bear, Lion, Tiger, Lamb, Hare, Tortoise & Monkeys) Phil Brown, Dilwyn Evans, Willie Johnson, Audrey Boothby, Alex Harris, Deborah Wiskin, Johnathan Kitching and Keith Langley



Our thanks to

Lindsey County Youth Service for substantial help in converting this building