Jo Jonah

Jo Jonah

a Folk dramalogue in four movements by Colin Hodgetts
produced and directed by the players themselves


In the past, the performances by the Lindsey Rural Players have been directed by the older and more experienced members of the company. As the Youth of the society, we felt the need to express ourselves in some manner so as to convey some of the harsh realities of life.



Gwenda Booth, Philip Brown, Lindsay Cliff, Pamela Drakes, Alyson Fillingham, Christopher Foot, Helen Harvey, Colin Hughes, Keith Langley, Dale Robinson, Richard Spalding, Timothy Thornally, Jane Vinters and Susan Vinters

Music: Colin Hughes & James Wallace


Lighting Ronald Westman and Alan Vinters
Box Office Colin Hughes
House Management Dee Broadbent, Ruth Kitching and Joyce Westman
Car park Wilfred Johnson



The Lindsey Rural Players wish to thank the following people for their invaluable help and assistance:

Lindsey Education Committee
Geoffrey Mostyn-Lewis
Sonus (sound system)
Valerie Bradford
Geoffrey Philpott