After Magritte

by Tom Stoppard
directed by Bob Hewis

"This bizarre spectacle...." These are the words of Chief Inspector Foot (Foot of the Yard, to his friends) as he boldly enters number 37 Mafeking Villas, hell-bent on cracking the most important case of his career. An arrest seems certain, but he has reckoned without Mother's overwhelming passion for the tuba! A gripping tale of naked feet and couter-balanced fruit.



Reginald Harris Phil Brown
Thelma Harris Liz Byrne
Mother Cathy Harris
Constable Holmes Pete Dennis
Chief Inspector Foot Richard Hincliffe



Death on the Line

by Eric Jones-Evans
directed by Kate Walshaw

This short one act play leaves a sinister and lasting impression, making one question the power of the supernatural. It is a dramatisation of "The Signalman", a short story by Charles Dickens who appears in the play himself as "the visitor".

Eric Jones-Evans does not stray far from the words of the original tale. It is a ghost story, and like "A Christmas Carol" the spectre is the bearer of a warning, appearing in an attempt to avert a tragedy. Will he succeed?



The Signalman Pete Dennis
The Visitor (Mr Charles Dickens) Bob Hewis
The Guard Ginge Barker
The Engine Driver Phil Brown



The Bear

by Anton Chekhov
directed by
Phyl Walshaw

Though most of his works are called comedies, the adjective "Chekhovean" conveys something mournful and dark, intense and emotional. It rarely suggests sunshine, farcical humour and mad destructiveness, though Chekhov was famous for these qualities. "The Bear" is a lovely example of this more light hearted side of his work.



Popova Yeliena Ivanovna (a young widow) Cathy Harris
Smirnov Grigory Stepanovich (a landowner) Ginge Barker
Luka (an old servant) Phyl Walshaw




Set design Kari Furre
Set Construction The Company
Stage Management Helen Harvey, Ron Colbourne, Chic Ross and Chris Maddison
House Management Margaret Stanney, Madge Johnson, Joyce Westman and Vicki Makin
Box Office Lorna MacDonald
Costumes, Stage Furniture and Lighting The Company with thanks to the Drama Centre