Don't Just Lie There, Say Something!

by Michael Pertwee
directed by Alan Tasker

Sir William Mainwaring-Brown is leading a campaign against permissiveness. In order to counter this, a group of hippies abduct Barry Ovis, a young Parliamentarian who is about to marry his political agent, and take him, drugged, to a wild party. He escapes after clouting two policemen during a raid, and takes refuge in Sir William's flat. He finds the great man is far from unpermissive himself. The pleasant evening of dalliance Sir William has arranged however, is upset by a series of complications caused mainly by a police inspector and a member of the Opposition. The mounting frenzy culminates in a whirlwind of frenetic, panic-stricken plans and counter plans as all concerned attempt to ward off discovery.



Barry Ovis MP Graham Davidson
Rt Hon Wilfred Potts MP Charles Barker
Jean Fenton Joy Walker
Sir William Mainwaring-Brown Keith Jones
Gisele Parkyn Alison Henry
Inspector Ruff Keith Rylands-Bolton
Damina Mary Chapman
Wendy Janice Sipling
Caretaker Alan Tasker
Banner Carriers Janice Sipling and Sally Nobbs



Production Assistant Jill Charlton
Stage Management Marion Plenderleith
Set Design & Construction Rex Howson
Lighting Set Andrew Charlton
Lights Operation Andrew Charlton & Kevin Cousins
Sound Steven Chapman
Box Office Jane Nutting
Costumes Members & Friends of the Company
Coffee M Stanney, V Davies and M Johnson