Dick Whittington

by Jan Allen
directed by Abigail Wright



Fairy Orange Peal Amy Pemberton
Fairy Lemon Peal Fran Newton
Fairy Liquid Hannah Gaskell
Fairy Snow Ellie Herbert
Dick Whittington Abigail Wright
Alice Annette Holland
Dame Daphne Dumpling Ian Myers
Signor Vasellino Peter Langston
Gellino Marcus Holland
Harry Thomas Murray
Tom the Cat Mellissa Horton
PC Plod Lisa Langston
Prunella - the Pirate Queen Samantha Talbot
Maud - the Pirate Bosun Claire Richardson
Sultan of the Un-Named Island Ian Rushby
Rose-Delight - his daughter Amy Freeman
Rum-Baba April Parker
Dum-Baba Daniel Hack



Assistant Director Annette Holland
Producer Jan Allen
Stage Manager Peter Read
Assistant Stage Managers Esther Freeman and James Freeman
Choreography Nathan Rounce
Lighting Patrick Markham
Sound Hannah 'Muppet' Richardson
Set Construction Peter Langston, Marcus Holland, Richard Bacon and members of the cast
Costume Jan Allen
Props Helga Reeve