We need you! Help run a small theatre.

Would you like to help keep the Broadbent Theatre running?

The Broadbent is run by a Management Committee consisting of a small number of people who volunteer their time to help with the numerous and diverse jobs that are involved in keeping our theatre open and running.

Each evening that a performance is put on at the theatre we need a volunteer who will:

  • Man the box office
  • Sell programmes
  • Sell ice creams
  • Run the bar
  • Park cars
  • Welcome people / Usher

…and that’s just the front of house staff!  They don’t get paid but they get to see the performance for free!  They also get to be part of a great team.

Before a show we have to prepare the theatre.  We need people who will clean and people who will restock the consumables.  We also need people to keep the theatre in shape with minor repairs and maintenance.

If you would like to be part of the team, introduce yourself by sending us an email to box.office@broadbent.org
You can find further information at broadbent.org 

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