Tom Owen Coming to The Broadbent

Meet Tom Owen in Krapp’s Last Tape – Friday, October 12th at 7.30pm

 After the show, He will host a ‘Q&A’ session

Tom Owen Starring as Krapp was at this year’s Edinburgh festival. Krapp’s Last Tape is a monodrama written by Samuel Beckett (Waiting For Godot) and is directed by Fiona Baddeley. Owen is probably most famously known for his role in Last Of The Summer Wine.

The play tells the story of Krapp, a man on his 69th birthday, reviewing tapes he made on previous birthdays. It gives us an insight into the man’s life as he listens to a tape he made 30 years ago.

Krapp is an infirm old man, clearly approaching the end of his life. Think for a minute of that weird old man who lives down the road – everyone has encountered that character at some point in their life, and you often find yourself wondering whether they’ve been at the bottle a bit too much or if they are just a bit non compos mentis. This is not a character often used as a lead, and it’s quite a grounding performance.

Age is something we often forget about, or rather, aging as a human process. We all experience this, and it’s easy to ignore the fact that we could equally end up as a bitter, disdainful shell of our former selves by the time we reach our seventies. The whole experience is quite intimately contemplative.

“I enjoyed Owen in this role. I understood what he was conveying at every point in the play: he was the right balance of bitter, fumbling, and comedic. His eloquence was impressive throughout the whole monologue.” Edinburgh Festival Review

 “If you are familiar with the play, or have even seen it before with another actor in the role, this is definitely worth watching. Overall, it’s a very strong performance, and is thoroughly enjoyable even for those like me who went into the performance with little prior knowledge.” Edinburgh Festival Review

 From Tom Owen:I didn’t choose it. A very good friend of mine did. I was in Last of the Summer Wine for eleven years. I enjoyed every moment but when it ended my friend said that I needed to stretch myself as an actor and suggested Krapp’s Last Tape. I knew nothing about Beckett but with Fiona’s encouragement and wonderful direction, I began to understand the magnificent writing. I hope I do it justice.

Tickets £8.50 (full)?£7.00 (conc.) [pre- paid]

There is a £1.00 surcharge for tickets purchased on the door rather than pre-paid.

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  1. October 13, 2012 at 10:22 am

    An exellent evening!

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