A Poignant Portrait of One Woman’s Experience of Love and War

 You're not like the other girls Chrissie

Caroline Horton
“You’re Not Like The Other Girls Chrissie”

January 1945, Paris is liberated. Christiane waits in Gare Du Nord for a ticket to England where she will be reunited her with her fiance. Whilst she waits, this gloriously irrepressible Madmoiselle recounts the extraordinary love story between her, an eccentric, acutely myopic Parisienne and a tongue-tied teacher from Staffordshire. From a chance encounter at Cheadle tennis club, their story takes us on to cosmopolitan 1930s Paris before their inevitable separation by war. A separation which she hopes, today will finally come to an end. A fond, comical and ultimately poignant portrait of one woman’s experience of love and war.

“You’re Not Like the Other Girls Chrissie” with be performed by Caroline Horton at the Broadbent Theatre on Sunday 16th of October.  Tickets are available online at http://broadbent.org/ or by calling the Box Office on 01673 885500

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