Confusions is ready for the Broadbent stage.

Alan Ayckbourn’s 1974 collection of one act plays, “Confusions”, is ready to open at the Broadbent Theatre on Thursday (tomorrow) evening at 7:30pm.  It runs for just three nights, finishing on Saturday.

Last night’s final dress rehearsal marked the occassion when all members of director Maurice Raphael’s cast were together in the same building for the very first time.   By the opening night we expect all peices of the set will be there too!

Ayckbourn originally cast his five one-act plays with just five actors but we have spread the work among LRP’s Rosie Beale, Diane Woods, Martin Noble, Chris Hughes, Elaine Dower, Dave Lintin, Chris Matthews, Robert Dennis, Becky Fawcett, Tim Bradford, Gail Dennis and Marcus Holland. 

Synopsis: Lucy spends so much time at home with the kids, that she’s started to treat everyone – even the next-door neighbours – like children. Her errant salesman husband, Harry, is miles away in an hotel, and has other things on his mind – namely, the charms of Paula and Bernice. Their waiter also has other concerns – the rapidly deteriorating relationships of diners Polly and Martin, and Mr and Mrs Pearce, for instance. Mrs Pearce is invited to open a village fete – but can’t possibly have any inkling of the mayhem which is about to ensue. Finally, five people meet on four park benches and converse.

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[Patrick Markham]

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