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Cathy (Eddie) Harris

Although Cathy Harris, who is now known as Cath Eddie, was only a member of LRP for one year, she played four parts during two Evenings of Intimate Theatre in 1976.

Cath tells me that in her brief time with LRP she had some great fun with friends she still thinks of, though unfortunately has lost touch with over the years.  Cath left Lincolnshire to work in Germany.  It was in Germany that she met and married her husband and eventually finished up in Scotland.

Cathy is still passionate about theatre and for the last ten years has been a  member of the Abbey Theatre in Arbroath.  They have their own theatre very much like the Broadbent except that it's in the centre of town!  Also like the Broadbent, the Abbey Theatre recently premiered Bob Larbey's Sand Castles, the 2000 BT Biennial.

The 'theatre bug' is clearly hereditary as Cath has passed it on to her three children all of whom act.  Her son has recently appeared in Twelfth Night, his fifth professional production, and her daughters have both had very busy amateur acting careers.


LRP Productions
After Magritte / The Bear Mother / Popova Yeliena Ivanovna May 1976
Playing with Fire / The Proposal The Daughter-in-Law / Natalyia Stepanovna February 1976