Success for LRP Youth Theatre at Skegness Drama Festival

We are grateful to Jan Allen for sending the following report:

This October was the first visit by the Lindsey Rural Players Youth Theatre to the Annual Youth One Act Play Festival held at the Embassy Centre, Skegness. And what a debut it turned out to be!

Ten Youth Members, together with the leaders Abi Wright and Jodie Smart, and supported by Jan Allen (costumes) Amy Foster (Make-up/hair design) and Marcus Holland staged a performance that was, in the words of the adjudicator, as near professional (and that not only in terms of Youth Drama) as he has seen.

They staged an interpretation of a European Folk Tale ‘Nazaradene’ adapting it to use the whole of the magnificent Embassy stage. And the adjudicator couldn’t praise the performance enough.

He gave the following comments – ‘staging was professional;’ the narrators were powerful, and had style and presence;’ the production was vivid, imaginative;’ the costumes and make-up superb;’ ‘the circus concept was a brilliant touch;’ He summed up with ‘a professional performance helped by a splendid cast and excellent teamwork;’

And the result? Three pieces of silverware came back to the Broadbent:-

The Sue Sharman Trophy for Best Actor went to TOM MURRAY; the adjudicator praised his voice, his sense of style, and his handling of his cameo role – great was the word used!

The Stuart Parkins Trophy for A Special Moment of Theatre for Abi’s direction of the opening of the whole piece. The Adjudicator said that as the black stage and sinister giggling gave way, in a flash, to colour, and the circus concept, all he wanted to do was put his pen down and sit and watch. It was a stunning piece of theatrical direction.

The Alan Watkins-Grove Shield for Best Play proved to be the icing on the cake.

The youngsters are now invited to compete early next year against other Regional Winners.


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