Hello All

Seeing as I am one of the Youth Theatre members, I thought I’d keep you updated on what’s happening.

We have a full membership for the Youth Theatre at the moment and we all get along together as though we were family 🙂

Having Abby and Jodie as our Youth Theatre leaders we have learnt many new skills that some of us have been able to take else where to the small Drama Groups that we teach in our own school environment. These two are not just an asset to the Youth Theatre but to L.R.P as a whole. Without them we would not have had so many succesful shows, “Holka Polka”, “Skools Out” and “Robin Hood”.

Currently we are rehearsing for a show “Flipside”, that we will be performing in September.

Rehearsals are going well and although we have yet to cast the parts the prep that we are doing is very enjoyable and is still part of the rehearsal process.

[Annette Holland]

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  1. April 27, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks for that Annette,

    Good to have you on board as one of th blog authors.

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